GONFTY Appoints New COO and CTO

GONFTY is committed to bringing a truly differentiated metaverse ecosystem that surpasses the standard set by existing market players. We aim to drive innovation and bring to market a superior offering with unrivaled quality, user experience and accessibility. To support us further in advancing our mission, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed two highly talented individuals to our management team: Dominic Go and Mico Abrina.

Dominic Go joins us as our new COO bringing his practical, hands-on experience in building blockchain, metaverse and gaming projects with high user-engagement and adoption.

Our new CTO, Mico Abrina, shares with us his deep intersecting knowledge of gaming development, blockchain development, and cloud computing.

Together, we are confident that GONFTY will continue to propel forward in bringing to market our visionary and ground-breaking metaverse ecosystem.

“This is an exciting time for us at GONFTY where we are entering into the next phase of our business, remaining resolutely focused delivering a truly innovative and exciting offering to our community. These appointments not only cement our commitment to delivering a compelling offering but also, importantly, puts us on a course to pioneer a metaverse ecosystem like no other. We are privileged and excited to work with Dom and Mico.” — Yasin, CEO of GONFTY

“Mico and I have always been enthusiastic about turning ideas into reality in the crypto sphere. If there’s an opportunity to make an impact in the realm, we’d grab it the moment we hear about it. That is why we are very honored to be part of this amazing team committed to create a space where tons of P2E games are accessible.” — Dominic, COO of GONFTY

“It’s easy to imagine an engineer who spends months in a garage to create the next big thing in tech. However, I’ve learned over time that great innovations are rarely made in isolation and require a diversity of minds to achieve a shared vision. It will be exciting to work with Yasin and Dom who each have their own unique achievements and experiences. With our different skill-sets, our synergy will deliver experiences for web3 that have never been seen before.” — Mico, CTO of GONFTY



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GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games.