GONFTY DEX and Token Generator Update

3 min readJul 14, 2022

At GONFTY, we are setting out to make the Metaverse more complete by streamlining an all-in-one infrastructure that will create the foundation for next-generation decentralized games and metaverse applications to be built and deployed with ease. Our ecosystem is currently under construction, and we are making great headway. In this announcement, we would like to update you on what’s coming and the progress that has been made on a series of our products.

When our all multifaceted platform is released, you can be sure to expect a whole load of special features that are fully designed to excel your journey of exploration into the Metaverse and NFT technologies. Our features will all be compatible with both Metaverse and gaming applications and can be integrated into all systems based on our infrastructure easily.

One of the features we are very excited about is our NFT marketplace, where users can mint and auction limitless NFT assets for the Metaverse, including brand merchandising from a virtual storefront alongside avatars, skins and weapons that can be used in blockchain games. Our minting and marketplace platform will be easy to use and easy to integrate for anyone who wants to create on GONFTY and can be connected via API on NFTY Chain for use on GONFTY World. We are currently developing this feature and are working hard on A/B testing to ensure the best experience possible once our ecosystem is live.

The GONFTY ecosystem will aim to be an all-in-one solution that will cater for activities related to Metaverse applications and blockchain games. With that in mind, we will be covering all corners to provide a seamless experience so that users can utilize our services from one single place. Another feature that we are currently developing is our decentralized swapping protocol or DEXswapp app that will be streamlined on the NFTY Chain so as to act as a decentralized exchange enabling users to transfer and exchange their assets freely and in a decentralized and trust-less manner. It will consist of an exchange, liquidity pool; trade pool; and a locking mechanism. Users can swap and exchange their assets, provide a liquidity and trading pool, and lock their assets. No doubt, another feature we are very excited about at GONFTY.

As an industry that is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 39.5%, the metaverse landscape will increase in scope considerably in the foreseeable future. This is why we are working hard to create our unified infrastructure, to drive growth and exploration efficiently and provide high value to this space and its future. Our NFT Marketplace and DEXswapp are just two pillars of our ecosystem and are joined by the power of the NFTY Chain, the GONFTY Gamebench, which is packed with development tools and The GONFTY Wallet that can be used to store all digital assets across all of our products. Stay tuned for more updates on these products and more in the coming weeks. We are making great progress and can’t wait to show you what we have in store!


GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games. It will be at the core of an industry-leading infrastructure platform, integrated with our very own on-chain gaming metaverse, and will house a suite of high-quality interoperable, independent blockchain games for end-users to navigate and play.

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