GONFTY Partners Up with Myria

2 min readJul 12, 2022


We are proud to announce that we have partnered up with Myria, a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2, built to empower digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.

This new partnership will allow us to join forces with Myria with the aim of exploring blockchain, DeFi, and GameFi technologies to enhance the global play-to-earn and Metaverse gaming environments en masse.

By providing a high-performance network that supports real-time games, Myria is committed to building an ecosystem where users can easily discover, play, and transact with one another. This ties in very clearly with our vision at GONFTY, allowing us both to work closely to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain gaming space.

Our partnership will not only bring together our collective expertise to power use cases that will significantly impact the gaming industry. It will also connect both our communities to give them access to a joint high-performance network and decentralized infrastructure to benefit gamers with a more seamless and efficient experience when playing games and interacting with digital assets.

In the future, GONFTY will collaborate with Myria on several projects to help drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming. This will include game launches, technical integrations, co-marketing, and educational activities to ensure that our communities are well-informed about the many benefits of blockchain gaming and how they can get involved.

Working closely with Myria will allow us both to make a real impact on the gaming industry. Myria has an ambitious vision, and we believe that together we can make a huge difference in how games are built, played, and monetized.

We’re very excited about this new partnership and what it means for the future of GONFTY and Myria.

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GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games. It will be at the core of an industry-leading infrastructure platform, integrated with our very own on-chain gaming metaverse, and will house a suite of high-quality interoperable, independent blockchain games for end-users to navigate and play.

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About Myria

Myria is an expansive blockchain gaming ecosystem, comprised of a gaming hub and metaverse, underpinned by a full suite of Myria blockchain infrastructure.

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GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games.