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GONFTY is helping pioneer the development of blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse technologies, as these are the future web service standards. We are developing projects for virtual reality to help push the envelope in gaming and retail and introduce new interactive experiences. Crucial to our services is a robust tokenomics model tailored to benefit our community through exclusive access, governance, and passive income, among other rewards.

Community—Oriented Tokenomics

Our tokenomics model is a dual utility-token system featuring a governance and an ecosystem currency token. Each has separate functions that are combined to enable our virtual ecosystem to thrive.

The GONFTY [gNFTY] Governance Token

The gNFTY token is a multi-chain token (ERC20 / SPL) empowering its owners to govern GONFTY. We’ve planned for a total supply of 100M gNFTY tokens. After our TGE (Token Generation Event), our community members can acquire gNFTY from DEXs and CEXs that will be listing the token.

As a governance token, gNFTY facilitates decision-making within the GONFTY ecosystem through our DAO, the ‘NFTY Amity’. Token holders of gNFTY will be entitled to membership of our DAO, and subsequently will have access to participate in our governance through voting on community proposals. Other perks gNFTY token holders should expect to receive include:

  • Exclusive access to metaverse land pre-sale and NFT drops
  • Passive income by auto staking gNFTY to earn NFTY$

Our economy will include virtual real estate and ad spaces for commercial purposes; these create value, thus providing income-generating possibilities in our metaverse. Community members who own prime land can also generate income through other economic activities with their virtual assets.

NFTY bucks Ecosystem Currency Token [NFTY$]

NFTY$ is the ecosystem currency powering trading within our metaverse. Being a multi-chain token, our platform allows community members to transact NFTY$ over Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Solana. NFTY will have a total supply of 100B tokens; and the primary means of acquisition of the token will be via staking gNFTY.

NFTY$ use cases include:

  • Network trading fees
  • Making in-game purchases
  • NFT trading pairs and liquidity pools
  • A reward for community members participating in our ecosystem

The NFTY$ token will be a gateway to other cryptocurrencies through trading pairs and liquidity pools listing NFTY$.


GONFTY Avatars are NFTs which will initially be available on the Solana protocol. They are metaverse Avatars that will be playable within the GONFTY metaverse, and will also be tradable in the supporting marketplaces. The Avatars will be available to our community through the GONFTY marketplace — we’ll soon announce the initial price and the market price for all our Avatars. We’ve capped the total supply at 10,000 to encourage their growth in value as our community increases.

Land Parcels

The metaverse features virtual land with similar utilities in the real world. Community members can construct buildings, rent out facilities or develop their property as they deem fit. Land Parcels are our NFTs for the metaverse digital real estate (initially available on Solana). Community members can find the Land Parcels on the GONFTY marketplace; however, we’re providing exclusive pre-sale access to gNFTY token owners for community members that want to make early purchases.

GONFTY will produce 100,000 Land Parcel NFTs and will confirm the Land Parcel NFT initial price at auction.

Complementary Tokenomics for a Vibrant Ecosystem

We combine our multi-chain Metaverse Engine with our platform to create an environment for building and scaling products and services like games, social experiences, financial services, VR/AR, avatar technologies, and any other innovation supported by our model. We crafted a tokenomics system to facilitate these creations by providing tools for leveraging our platforms, such as the Avatar and Land Parcel NFTs, and to fuel and ease transactions within our ecosystem. Start your journey with us and be part of the NFT and metaverse future.

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GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games. It will be at the core of an industry-leading infrastructure platform, integrated with our very own on-chain gaming metaverse, and will house a suite of high-quality interoperable, independent blockchain games for end-users to navigate and play.

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GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games.