GONFTY x Qubix Infinity — Bringing Another Dimension of P2E Epic Robotic Battles To The Metaverse

2 min readJul 27, 2022

GONFTY is thrilled to announce our partnership with Qubix Infinity, a play2earn metaverse of epic robotic battles and crafting. Together, will be working towards the exploration of ways for the GONFTY team to support Qubix Infinity NFTs and games using GONFTY’s technology, and also making them available on the GONFTY platform.

Further to this, Qubix Infinity will have allocated land in GONFTY World to create a gateway between both metaverses for our respective users to explore, thereby enriching the experience with more variety of high-quality rewarding games.

“We at GONFTY are very excited about this partnership with Qubix Infinity, a quality P2E robotic battle game. This marks another important step in enriching our platform with exciting content for our users as well as validating our compelling tech offering. ” Yasin, CEO of GONFTY

“In Qubix Infinity we’re aimed to give a voice to the new generation of gaming experience based on emerging technologies such as NFTs and metaverse infrastructure. We’re very enthusiastic about this partnership with GONFTY making it possible to complement our gaming experience with modern and remarkably perspective NFT-based technologies.”- Vasilii, CEO of Qubix Infinity


GONFTY is an infrastructure project building a multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games. It will be at the core of an industry-leading infrastructure platform, integrated with our very own on-chain gaming metaverse, and will house a suite of high-quality interoperable, independent blockchain games for end-users to navigate and play.

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About Qubix Infinity

Qubix Infinity is an open metaverse where users earn rewards by building their rooms, hosting tournaments and playing real-time P2P matches with their simple and empathic robotic Qubixes. This metaverse game with isometric gameplay is made in the old-fashioned nostalgic style of the 80s that is blended here with the spirit of breakthrough innovations. Qubix Infinity metaverse has a team of developers who have helped create Angry Birds, Wargaming, Cryptobots and Zillion Whales and other outstanding games.

For more information about Qubix Infinity, see the following links:

Website: https://www.qubixinfinity.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QubixInfinity

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/qubixinfinity

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DhxxNTTy5B




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